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A Guide to Designing Mobile Apps

Designing a great mobile app for Android or iOS is quite challenging and not as easy as writing one. Here are some tips on how to write a better mobile app.

If you focus on doing one thing very well, you are bound to have the best mobile app. Your mobile app can be described in a simple sentence and nothing more.

There should be ease in using the back button on your device. The back button of an Android should be able to bring the user to the previous setting. On iOS there should be a back button on the top-left corner because this is where users will look for it.

Some app designers fail to consider how the on-screen keyboard can affect how the screen will look like when it is up for use. Make sure that you test your on-screen context when the keyboard is up to find out if users can still see what they are doing.
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A cleaner look to your app can be achieved if placeholders are put inside of a field when there are only a few data input fields in your app.
How I Became An Expert on Designers

When you are using buttons make sure that the button sizes are big enough so that users will have an easy time and the best thing to do is to test your app on a small phone to make sure the buttons can be used comfortably.

The placement of your buttons is very important. Always remember that the lower part of a smartphone is reachable by a user’s thumb. Whether right handed or left handed, users can easily reach the bottom right or the bottom left, respectively, of their smartphones. If you want to see your users able to use one hand when utilizing the app, you should always remember this.

It would help to know the possible responses a user will need for the requests you will make for input. You should make it convenient for the user in a way that he is able to have the necessary information to make a decision on the very location where he need to input it.

Make sure to watch your image resolution. Beauty of smartphones come with their high resolutions. If you are using low resolution images then your app will look grainy and fuzzy. A perfectly clean look for your images can be achieved if you use high resolution.

The user interface is very important for the success of any mobile app. If your user interface is a great one, be sure that you will beat the competition. You can be successful in the marketplace if you make your app easy to learn and quick to use.