Day trips from Belgrade

So you did your sightseeing, dining and partying in Belgrade. What next? Consider taking a day trip from the Serbian capital to hike the nearby gentle mountains, cruise through centuries of history, take in some outlandish art, or enjoy local drops from family wine cellars.
The following excursions ensure you’ll experience Serbia’s authentic vibe, only a couple of hours’ drive away from Belgrade’s urban buzz. They can be easily done by car, bus, train and even boat. Extra tip for a day trip: explore the baroque town of Vršac and Deliblato Sands with Zagajička Hills, one hour northeast from the capital.

Down the Danube
The Danube River has been the lifeline for many civilisations throughout history. The section that runs from Belgrade to the east, towards Romania, boasts a few jewels from the prehistoric, Roman and medieval periods.

Following the traces of the Roman Empire in the Danube valley, you’ll find the ancient city and legionary fort of Viminacium located halfway between the Smederevo and Golubac fortresses. At this large archaeological park you can visit the remains of a Roman public bath, amphitheatre and mausoleum, try a Roman-style breakfast, but also see a giant skeleton of a one-million-year-old mammoth.

Continuing further down the river, the admirable Golubac Fortress greets you with its 10 towers that have seen too many battles as different peoples fought over it from the Middle Ages onwards. The fortress is undergoing a major reconstruction and will soon be ready for visitors to climb the ancient ramparts and snap photos with impressive Danube views.