Best day trips from London

With so many world-class things to see and do in London, planning a day trip away from it can feel akin to lounging on a sunbed in Mauritius researching beach holidays. But England is spoilt rotten with attractions meaning a day away from the capital is definitely worthwhile and generally just a short train ride away.

Why go
Stonehenge is like an amazing magic trick – delightfully mind-boggling, but you don’t really want to know how it happened. Which is convenient, because no one’s quite figured it out yet. Here’s what we do know: it’s a massive, prehistoric stone circle, believed to have been constructed around five thousand years ago, which makes it older than the Great Pyramid of Giza. The largest stones weigh 25 tons and stand 30 feet tall. Epic.

What to see
Although you can’t touch the stones (to protect them from erosion), you can stroll among them on walkways. The visitor centre has an interactive presentation that allows you to sit amongst the stones as the seasons change. If you have your own transport, you could drive north to Avebury, home to another famous stone circle – you can touch those ones.

Where to eat and drink
The onsite cafe serves sandwiches and soups. Your best option is a picnic. If you make your way to Avebury, Circles is a good cafe.

How to get there
Trains from London Waterloo to Salisbury depart twice an hour, taking 90 minutes. From Salisbury, hop on the Stonehenge Tour Bus, which takes you directly to the monument.