A guide to Berlins art

Berlin is a city of subtle seduction; somewhere expression was born out of oppression. A diverse Mecca for artists, here kunst (art) is an experience not limited to galleries, but alive throughout the streets, people and experiences the city has to offer.

Organise your wanderings for an efficient art gallery extravaganza using our weekend-long itinerary; from Friday-night cocktails through to Sunday brunch, go forward and find a wealth of artistic treasure waiting for you all over Berlin.

Jump in at the deep end in Kreuzberg and immerse yourself in the pinnacle of what the Berlin art scene has to offer; the free König Galerie is the perfect introduction. Johann König’s self-named space is staged in a former Brutalism-style church, St. Agnes; designed by Werner Duttnamm in 1967. Matching the city’s rough exterior, this gallery has a glowing kaleidoscope of movements and colours inside too. The building’s bones were constructed from post-war rubble to blend with the socialist-era of uniform city-planning. Accommodating large-scale works has set this gallery apart, while frequent circulation of contemporary mediums keeps the vibe fresh.

Right around the corner you will find the Berlinische Galerie. In 1975, Jörg Fricke resurrected a glass warehouse into this museum for modern art with the philosophy of creating a bricks-and-mortar love-letter to the magical city.

After your eyes have had their fill and hunger starts to creep up on you, stroll to Oranienplatz and seek out ORA. This cafe was once upon a time an apothecary; shelves that were lined with vials of medicine are now organised with wine glasses and coffee necessities. The grandiose bar wraps around the room while olive-green chairs invite you to stay for treats all day.